New types available

The Flat-Nose Pellets from Qiang Yuan have been used very successfully in sport shooting for several years. The outstanding quality and uniformity fascinates sport shooters all over the world. New to the range of products are various pellets for outdoor use. The new Domed, Streamlined and Pointed types are each available in two different head sizes and three weight levels. Convince yourself of the quality of Qiang Yuan!

Qiang Yuan now in Europe!


With Qiang Yuan Airgun pellets you can reach your long awaited top results. The outstanding manufacturing precision ensures the closest possible shot groups.

Shot groups like the one shown are the order of the day with Qiang Yuan!



About Qiang Yuan Sports

QYS (short for Qiang Yuan Sports) was established in 1994. The company has been specializing in elite air gun pellets, with production lines spanning flat, domed, pointed and streamlined nose products.

QYS is proud of its 100% independent intellectual property rights in technology, design and manufacturing processes owned by its founder, Fr. FU. The unique shooting experience from the unparalleled precision makes top medalists worldwide QYS fans.

It took QYS four years to gain 95% of Chinese market, before it expanded to Germany, Switzerland, England, Norway, Denmark, America, Canada, Russia, India, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Australia, South Africa, and 20 other countries/regions.

We highly look forward to welcoming you to join the QYS community of best shooters.

QYS Success

ISSF Statistics proved that QYS is your best friend on path to winners.

  Gold Silver Bronze
2000 Sydney Olympics 2 1 1
2004 Athens Olympics 3 1  
2006 World Champion 2 1 1
2008 Beijing Olympics 3 1  
2010 World Champion 1 1 2
2012 London Olympics 2 2  
2013 World Cup 11 6 3
2014 World Cup 9 3 4
2014 World Champion 5 3  
2015 World Cup 3 6 4
2016 Rio Olympics 3 1 2
2016 World Cup 6 4 6
2017 World Cup 5 5 5